Integracijski tečajevi

Integracijski tečajevi: naša škola je certificirana od strane Austrijskog integracijskog fonda (ÖIF) i grada Beča. ÖIF-vaučer možete iskoristiti za bilo koji od naših intenzivnih i večernjih tečajeva zaključno s razinom A2. Bečki jezični bonovi vrijede za sve naše tečajeve zaključno s razinom B1+.


Integration agreement - for blue vouchers issued after 1st July 2011 (only for non-EU-citizens)
Depending on your German skills you will need up to four months (300 lessons maximum) to reach level A2. When  you pass the ÖIF-A2 examination within 18 months (date of issue of your voucher), you will receive a certificate entitling you to a refund of 2.50 €/lesson up to a maximum of 750 € from the ÖIF.
This means for an intensive course you get 187,50 € back and 135 € for an evening course.

IKI-students can take the exam with us or directly at the ÖIF.

In addition to the blue ÖIF voucher you can use three “Wiener Sprachgutscheine” provided by the City of Vienna – one voucher worth 100 € for each month of intensive classes, if you are an EU-citizen you get three vouchers worth 50 € each.

Intensive course with exam
Tuition fees for one level (4 weeks) 485 €
- Vienna Sprachgutschein - 100 €
- refund from ÖIF (after the exam) - 187,50 €
Final cost per course
197,50 €
4 Intensive courses from level A1.1 to A2.2
Tuition fees for 4 month of intenisve courses 
(485 € each)
1.940 €
- Vienna Sprachgutscheine - 300 €
- refund from ÖIF (after the exam) - 750 €
Final cost 890 €

Please register in person at the office and bring your vouchers and your passport for identification purposes.