Head of Institute
Ann Safranek, Elizabeth Safranek

In the Office
Your main contacts are Olga Höfferl, Barbara Pöll, Benjamin Kasinger and Michaela Sieg, who handle all the required paperwork.

In the Classroom
Our professional team of teachers awaits you. Their combined expertise and patience will help you obtain the most from your course.

All our teachers are native speakers of German. All are fully qualified (language degree or teaching qualification) and specialise in teaching German as a foreign language. Most have many years of language instruction expertise and are full-time employees of the school.

Our teachers are certified by the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) and may give integration courses and exams. As IKI is an examination center for the ÖSD (Austrian Diploma for German), our teachers have the qualification to give ÖSD exams at all levels.

the qualification to give ÖSD exams at all levels.

Teaching Staff
Sonja Aßmus, Barbara Gräf, Johann Gruber, Beate Hacker, Claudia Latzelsberger, Elisabeth Mäser, Eos Paul, Elisabeth Petru, Gertrude Rathbauer, Martin Reiterer, Gabriele Schöffmann, Doris Wackerle, Andreas Werle, Daniela O’Shea, Michaela Weghaupt

Freelance Teachers
Barbara Bekesi, Irene Bisanz, Angela Buzek, Peter Fechter, Diana Heppe, Rita Hnolik, Andrea Krakora, Harald Krebl, Birgit Kunz, Birgit Mairinger, Lukas Mayrhofer, Viktoria Pousek, Katharina Scherner, Anna Steiden, Günter Vezzoli, Claudia Metzler, Corinna Widhalm, Max Aigner, Herwig Stingl, Julia Stauber, Stefan Weghuber, Tanja Erben