Sponsored Courses

IKI offers sponsored German courses from a variety of organisations that provide financial aid.

How does it work?

We can write you an estimate for a German course or an examination.
With this estimate, you go to your support person at one of our cooperating partners, like AMS, WAFF,  or ÖIF.

If the sponsoring organization approves your application for a German course, then they will pay part of or even the whole fee for the course.
You need to inform us, either via email, in person or over the phone and we will reserve a place for you in our next course.

For an estimate, we need:

Your name, full adress, social security number and a placement test, to find the best course for you.
You can do the test online or at our offices, anytime.

You can pick up the estimate, in person, at our office during business hours, without an appointment.
Monday until Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm and Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

Here you can find our German courses:

Intensive Courses

Evening Classes

Summer Intensive Courses

ÖSD Preparatory Courses and our ÖSD-Examinations

Qualifications – Which organization supports you?

We work with a number of cooperating partners, who offer financial support for further language education.

The WAFF assists people who are currently working with their continued education.


The Austrian Integration Fund aids immigrants to integrate in Austria. There is the integration voucher for all non-EU-citizens, who want to settle in Austria. The ÖIF also offers financial support for further education.