Вечерние курсы и стоимость

Вечерние курсы проводятся зимой, весной, летом и осенью. Продолжительность курса, с охватом одной ступени, 10 недель. Вечерние курсы, в зависимости от ступени курса, проводятся по понедельникам и средам или вторникам и четвергам с 18 до 20 ч. Стоимость курса - 410 € /10 недель.

ClassesMondays and Wednesdays or
Tuesdays and Thursdays
6 - 8 pm


10 weeks per Level

13 levels from A1.1 to C2

Course fee
410 € for 10 weeks
Winter 20188 January - 15 March
Spring 201820 March - 5 June 
Summer 201811 June - 12 July (5 weeks)
27 August - 27 September (5 weeks)
Course fee:230 € for 5 weeks or 410 € for 10 weeks 
Fall 20184 October - 13 December

No hidden charges: course materials (textbooks and handouts) and certificates are included in the price.

Our German Courses

  • We teach standard German based on the international standards as set out by the Council of Europe course levels.
  • We offer german courses of all levels, from A1.1 to C2, all year round.
  • Our german courses are for adults over the age of 16.
  • You will learn in groups of 8 - 15 learners.

You will learn

  • to understand, speak, read and write German with emphasis on communication
  • the correct use of grammar and vocabulary
  • with the aid of up-to-date textbooks and course materials

We Offer

  • convenient central location
  • examination centre for the Österreichisches Sprachdiplom
  • partner institute of the University of Washington and NC State University
  • approved by the Österreichischer Integrationsfonds and the City of Vienna
  • fully compliant with the qualifications of the CAMPUS AUSTRIA association of Austrian language schools.