Večerni tečaji in cene

Večerne tečaje nudimo pozimi, spomladi, poleti in jeseni. En tečaj traja 10 tednov in obsega eno težavnostno stopnjo. Tečaj se izvaja ob ponedeljkih in sredah ali torkih in četrtkih (odvisno od težavnostne stopnje), od 18. do 20. ure. Cena 10-tedenskega tečaja znaša 410 €.

ClassesMondays and Wednesdays or
Tuesdays and Thursdays
6 - 8 pm


10 weeks per Level

13 levels from A1.1 to C2

Course fee
410 € for 10 weeks
Winter 20188 January - 15 March
Spring 201820 March - 5 June 
Summer 201811 June - 12 July (5 weeks)
27 August - 27 September (5 weeks)
Course fee:230 € for 5 weeks or 410 € for 10 weeks 
Fall 20184 October - 13 December

No hidden charges: course materials (textbooks and handouts) and certificates are included in the price.

Our German Courses

  • We teach standard German based on the international standards as set out by the Council of Europe course levels.
  • We offer german courses of all levels, from A1.1 to C2, all year round.
  • Our german courses are for adults over the age of 16.
  • You will learn in groups of 8 - 15 learners.

You will learn

  • to understand, speak, read and write German with emphasis on communication
  • the correct use of grammar and vocabulary
  • with the aid of up-to-date textbooks and course materials

We Offer

  • convenient central location
  • examination centre for the Österreichisches Sprachdiplom
  • partner institute of the University of Washington and NC State University
  • approved by the Österreichischer Integrationsfonds and the City of Vienna
  • fully compliant with the qualifications of the CAMPUS AUSTRIA association of Austrian language schools.