Аустријска језичка диплома

IKI Examination Center for the ÖSD (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom)

IKI is an examination centre for ÖSD (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom), the Austrian Language Diploma that is accepted as proof of language skills by Austrian universities and adminstrative authorities.

IKI courses prepare students for ÖSD certificates. The course materials used at IKI include many exercises which, in similar form, are used in the examination papers.

For intensive test preparation IKI recommends its specific ÖSD preparatory courses, writing courses, grammar courses or conversation courses.

ÖSD Examination IKI Level Examination Fee for IKI students
Certificate B1 B1 190 € 160 €
Certificate B1 - single modules B1   80 €   70 €
Certificate B2 B2 220 € 180 €
Certificate C1 C1 250 € 190 €
Certificate C2 C2 290 € 210 €

Exam Dates

Written Examination (Sat 9 am)

3 February 2018
24 March 2018
2 June 2018
21 July 2018
25 August 2018
22 September 2018
24 November 2018

The time and date for your oral examination will be scheduled when you register.

Registration and Payment of Fees
You can register anytime at our office.

The results will be available 2 weeks after the exam, the certificate will be ready for you 4 weeks after the exam. You can pick up your certificate at our office.

It's possible to postpone or cancel the exam not later than one week in advance.

Further information and sample examination papers are available online at www.osd.at.